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Hugo is an AI-powered data scientist and programmer. Simply describe your project (in words) and Hugo will get it done.

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Hugo's Workflow





Data Science, Programming, Chat, API Connections, etc.



The process is the same as a human's, but Hugo automates everything.

What Can Hugo Do?

Hugo is like ChatGPT on steroids. Instead of just giving advice and answers, he writes the code you need and actually executes it. If you want him, for example, to use his Data Scientist skills, he will start by generating an exploratory data analysis, then next handle the gruntwork (imputing empty rows, smoothing outliers, data balancing, one-hot encoding, normalization, scaling, data augmentation, feature generation, and feature selection), and then finally train dozens of models to find the most accurate one. Or, as a Software Developer, Hugo can access external APIs to create a chatbot for your site, a search engine for your company documents, and much more.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Tabular data (classification, regression, time series), computer vision, object detection, NLP (language). Basically, anything involving predictions.

Computer Programming

Computer Programming

Instead of just giving you code and hoping it works, Hugo tests and refines it until it is fully functional.



Add an AI chatbot to your website for customer service, or use it internally to search your company documents.

AI Website Design

Web Design

Create a website by describing what you want it to look like, and Hugo will publish it online.

API Connections

API Connections

Hugo hooks up to thousands of external tools (CRM, Social Media, Shopify, Mailchimp, etc.) to create whatever you need.

How To Hire Hugo

Hugo is not open to the public yet, but feel free to email us at to get on our waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hugo combines the generative AI of ChatGPT with machine learning and software engineering to everything a human data scientist and programmer does. The advantage is that Hugo works 24/7 at a much cheaper cost. No vacation, no sick days, no health benefits, and no office needed.

Just like with ChatGPT, you talk with Hugo like a human and tell it what you want. You don't need to know any programming.

Doing any sort of machine learning or AI project usually involves paying a high-priced expert. We have hired over 200 workers like this over the years, but when ChatGPT was released, we releazied we could use generative AI to develop our own automated version of an AI expert instead.

Yes, this is just the start. We will be soon make some big improvements to Hugo to make him much "smarter".

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